Virbac HPMD A1 Allergy food intolerance veterinarinė dieta šunims

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Virbac Hypoallergy A2 is a hypoallergenic complete diet food for dogs with hydrolyzed salmon proteins for easy digestion.

Virbac Hypo Allergy A2 is a complete dietary food for dogs that have averse reactions to several non-essential ingredients. Many brands of dog food fill their mixtures with cheaper and unnecessary fibres to satiate the dog quicker. However, these mixtures do not mimic a natural and healthy diet of a canine. Virbac Hypo Allergy A2 uses hiqh quality hydrolysed salmon protein to ensure an impeccable basis for their daily meal. The rest of the meal is balanced of the protein intake to deliver a high energy, high protein meal to satiate and maintain your dogs body while sidestepping any bodily inconveniences due to allergy or intolerance to certain fibres or protein. Virbac Hypo Allergy A2, an easily digestible option for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Based on hydrolysed salmon protein
  • Eliminate immunological and non-immunological responses to allergies
  • Complete dietary food
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Tapioca**, salmon protein hydrolysate*, animal fat, hydrolysed pork protein*, mineral salts, lignocellulose, beet pulp, fructooligosaccharides, fish oil, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, chitosan, dried artichoke leaves extract, pasteurised Lactobacillus acidophilus.
Analytical components
Average analysis (per kg)
Moisture 9 % Protein 24 % Fat 18 % Ash 7 % Crude Fibre 4.5 % Carbohydrate (NFE) 37.5 % Starch 36 % Calcium 0.9 % Phosphorus 0.7 % Sodium 0.4 % Methionine + cysteine 1.1 % Omega-6 fatty acids 2.8 % Omega-3 fatty acids 0.5 % Omega 6:3 ratio 5 % Key Nutrient Values : Metabolisable energy (kcal/100g) 368 Measured metabolisable energy (kcal/100g) 377 Protein digestibility (in vivo; %) 91 Fat digestibility (in vivo; %) 97.5 Specific Ingredients/ Additives : Sepiolite 0.5 % Lactobacillus 7 mg/kg L-carnitine 330 mg/kg

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Super Premium, Veterinarinė dieta

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Alergenų jautrią virškinimo sistemą turintiems ir maisto netoleruojantiems šunims., Alergijos, Jautriam virškinimui, Virškinimo problemos

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